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Crown cork

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– **History of Crown Cork**:
– Dutch patent application from 1892.
– Crown cork was the first successful disposable product.
– King C. Gillette invented the disposable razor inspired by the crown cork.
– Prior to crown corks, soda bottles had internal cork stoppers and rounded bottoms.
– Crown corks eliminated the issue of corks drying out and popping.

– **Collecting Crown Corks**:
– Crown corks are collected globally for their designs and ease of storage.
– Collectors prefer the term “crown cap” over “cork”.
– Collecting crown corks is a popular hobby.
– The variety of designs in crown corks attracts collectors.
– Crown corks hold value as collectible items.

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– **References**:
– Crown Brand-Building Packaging: Crown History.
– Joe Nickell’s work on the history of soda drinks.
– The Crowncap Collectors Society International.
– Crowncaps.Info – Central hub for crown cap collectors.
– U.S. patents 468,226 and 468,258 related to crown corks.

– **External Links**:
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Crown cork (Wikipedia)

The crown cork (also known as a crown seal, crown cap or just a cap), the first form of bottle cap, was invented by William Painter in 1892 in Baltimore. The company making it was originally called the Bottle Seal Company, but it changed its name with the almost immediate success of the crown cork to the Crown Cork and Seal Company. It still informally goes by that name, but is officially Crown Holdings.

A generic 21-tooth crown cork bottle cap.
Opening a crown capped bottle
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