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Coming Together (advertisement)

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– Message:
Coca-Cola offers over 180 low- and no-calorie beverages.
– All calories count, regardless of their source.
– Critics argue that sugary beverages contribute to obesity.
– The company is accused of damage control to protect its brand.
– Public health efforts aim to reduce consumption of sugary sodas.

– Reactions:
– Critics call the ad an act of desperation due to declining sales.
– Suggestions to prevent obesity include targeting marketing practices.
– Critics argue that soda calories are empty and lack nutritional value.
– Research links sugary drinks to obesity.
– Health experts emphasize the importance of the type of calories consumed.

– Commendation from The Street:
Coca-Cola’s efforts to maintain sales growth are commended.
– The company educates consumers about the health effects of its products.
Coca-Cola is praised for addressing the obesity issue and promoting exercise.
– Investors question Coca-Cola’s ability to thrive in a health-conscious market.
– Management’s innovation in adapting to market changes is acknowledged.

– References:
– Critics attack Coca-Cola’s anti-obesity ad.
– Articles question the effectiveness of Coca-Cola’s strategies.
– The scientific community raises concerns about the ad’s claims.
– The ad’s impact on Latino communities is debated.
– Richard Saintvillus of analyzes Coca-Cola’s response to the obesity epidemic.

– Miscellaneous:
Coca-Cola owns stakes in various beverage companies.
– Legal cases involving Coca-Cola are listed.
– Past and present campaigns and slogans of Coca-Cola are mentioned.
– Historical legal battles involving Coca-Cola are outlined.

Coming Together is a 2-minute ad created and distributed by the Coca-Cola Company and launched on the night of January 14, 2013, on several cable networks.

"Coming Together"
Running time2 minute
Release date(s)January 14, 2013
CountryUnited States, United Kingdom
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