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Coke Bottle (song)

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– **Production and Release:**
– Written by Agnez Mo, Brandon Deener, Jocelyn Donald, James Jim Beanz Washington, Rommel Cummings, Clifford Harris, Jr., David Davix Grinehouse Foreman, Jr., and Dashawn Happie White.
– Producers of the song: Jim Beanz, Davix Grinehouse, Wizz Dumb, and Timbaland.
– Positive reviews from music critics for its club-banger sound.
– Stayed in Asia Pop 40 for 20 consecutive weeks.
– Named MTV Iggy’s Song of the Summer 2014.

– **Reception:**
– Agnez Mo received media attention during her performances.
– Critics compared her to Aaliyah and Ciara, praising her as a new image of an Asian entertainer.
– The song was well-received for its empowering message.
– Stayed popular on social media and MTV.
– Won over Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” for MTV Iggy’s Song of the Summer 2014.

– **Music Video:**
– Released on MTV in March 2014, first video by an Asian female artist in heavy rotation.
– Directed by Colin Tilley, produced by Laurieann Gibson.
– Reached 1 million views in a week.
– Fully funded by Agnez Mo.
– Peaked at number one on MTV, surpassing Rita Ora and Miley Cyrus.

– **Live Performances:**
– First performed at a private radio show in Austin, TX.
– Performed at the ASEAN-Japan Music Festival in Tokyo and Panasonic Gobel Awards.
– Also performed at Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival.
– Showcased her talent at various international events.
– Demonstrated her stage presence and vocal abilities.

– **Track Listing:**
– Digital download includes the song “Coke Bottle” (4:21) and the music video (4:24).
– Released under The Cherry Party and Sony Music labels.
– Provided fans with both audio and visual content.
– Showcased Agnez Mo’s versatility as an artist.
– Received positive feedback from fans and critics.

Coke Bottle (song) (Wikipedia)

"Coke Bottle" is the debut international single by Indonesian singer, Agnez Mo, featuring American producer Timbaland and American rapper T.I. It was written by her, James "Jim Beanz" Washington, Rommel Cummings, Clifford Harris, Jr., David "Davix Grinehouse" Foreman, Jr., and Dashawn "Happie" White, while Jim Beanz and Davix Grinehouse also served as the producers of the song along with Wizz Dumb and Timbaland.

"Coke Bottle"
Single by Agnez Mo featuring Timbaland and T.I.
ReleasedApril 8, 2014 (2014-04-08)
  • Wizz Dumb
  • Timothy Mosley
  • James Washington
  • David Foreman, Jr.
  • Dashawn "Happie" White
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Music video
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