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– List of dessert sauces
Chocolate sauce
Caramel sauce
– Raspberry coulis
– Whipped cream
Lemon curd

– Chancaca References
– Retrieved on 27 March 2013
– Related to Chilean cuisine
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– Chancaca Details
– Sweet sauce from Latin America
– Made from unrefined cane sugar
– Used in various desserts
– Similar to molasses
– Common in Peruvian and Chilean cuisine

– Chancaca Production
– Boiling cane sugar
– Adding water and lemon
– Cooking until thickened
– Straining to remove impurities
– Cooling to desired consistency

– Chancaca Popularity
– Widely used in Latin American desserts
– Versatile in sweet and savory dishes
– Known for its rich flavor
– Traditional ingredient in local recipes
– Gaining popularity in global cuisine

Chancaca (Wikipedia)

Chancaca is a typical Bolivian, Chilean and Peruvian, warm, sweet sauce made of raw unrefined sugar from sugarcane. It is often flavored with orange peel and cinnamon, and is consumed on sopaipillas or picarones.

Sopaipillas with and without chancaca sauce
TypeDessert topping
Place of originBolivia, Chile, and Peru
Main ingredientsSugar, honey; usually zest of orange

Chancaca is also a synonym for panela, the unrefined sugar used to make chancaca syrup.

In Colombia, chancacas are a traditional coconut candy.

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