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Cent (currency)

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– Cent amounts from 1 to 99 can be represented as one or two digits followed by the appropriate abbreviation
– Longer abbreviations like ct. are used in some countries
– The cent symbol has fallen into disuse since the mid-20th century due to inflation
– Included on US typewriter keyboards but not on computers
– Different languages have their own abbreviations and conventions

**North American cent sign:**
– The cent sign appeared as the shift of the 6 key on American manual typewriters
– The character can still be created in most common code pages, including Unicode and Windows-1252
– Various techniques for typing the cent sign on different computer systems
– Mac systems use the Option key
– Unix/Linux systems with a compose key have typical sequences for the cent sign

– In English and Mexican Spanish, the cent sign follows the amount
– No space between the amount and the cent sign
– Conventions in other languages may vary

– Example of an East India Company half cent coin minted in 1845
– Various currencies around the world that feature centesimal units
– Some countries have ended production of their 1 cent coins
– Different names for minor currency units equivalent to a cent
– Examples of currencies using the cent symbol for different purposes

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– Information about the end of production of one and two-cent coins in Slovakia
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Cent (currency) (Wikipedia)

The cent is a monetary unit of many national currencies that equals 1100 of the basic monetary unit.

A United States one-cent coin, also known as a penny.

Etymologically, the word cent derives from the Latin centum meaning 'hundred'.

The cent sign is commonly a simple minuscule (lower case) letter c. In North America, the c is crossed by a diagonal or vertical stroke (depending on typeface), yielding the character ¢.

The United States one cent coin is generally known by the nickname "penny", alluding to the British coin and unit of that name. Australia ended production of their 1¢ coin in 1992, as did Canada in 2012. Some Eurozone countries ended production of the 1 euro cent coin, most recently Slovakia in 2022.

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