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Biedenharn Museum and Gardens

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– The museum was built in 1913 by Joseph A. Biedenharn.
Joseph A. Biedenharn is credited with first bottling Coca-Cola in 1894.
– The home is open for tours and furnished as during Emma Louise Biedenharn’s residence.
– Emma Louise Biedenharn, daughter of Joseph, passed away in 1984.
– The museum has three exhibits: historic home, Coca-Cola museum, and Bible museum.

Elsong Garden:
– The garden is named after Emy-Lou Biedenharn.
– Garden settings include Four Seasons Garden, Oriental Garden, and Musical Grotto.

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The Biedenharn Museum and Gardens is a home museum and botanical garden located beside the Ouachita River at 2006 Riverside Drive in Monroe in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, United States. It has three exhibits: the historic home and botanical gardens, Coca-Cola museum, and Bible museum.

Biedenharn Museum and Gardens
Entrance to Biedenharn House and Gardens
Biedenharn Museum and Gardens is located in Louisiana
Biedenharn Museum and Gardens
Location within Louisiana
FounderJoseph A. Biedenharn
Tourists gather at the rear of the Biedenharn House.
Fountain at the Biedenharn House

The Coca-Cola Museum opened in 2008 and holds Coca-Cola memorabilia and historical items. Emma Louise Biedenharn collected bibles and religious artwork and gardened, leading to the establishment of the Bible museum and botanical gardens.

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