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(video game)

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– Pepsiman is an action game with four stages set in real locations like San Francisco, New York City, Texas, and Pepsi City.
– Played from a third-person perspective, the player controls Pepsiman to run, dash, jump, and super-jump to avoid obstacles.
– Points are earned by collecting Pepsi cans and passing checkpoints.

**Background and Development:**
– Pepsiman is based on Pepsi’s Japanese mascot and was developed by KID on a low budget.
– Released in Japan in 1999, the game features 3D cutscenes and videos of actor Mike Butters.
– Kotaro Uchikoshi, a visual novel writer, created 3D models for the game.

– Reviewers praised Pepsiman’s bizarre premise and simplicity, comparing its gameplay to classics like Crash Bandicoot.
– Despite being a financial failure, the game gained a cult following and was positively rated by various gaming publications.

**Marketing and Branding:**
– Created as a promotional tie-in for Pepsi, Pepsiman showcased the brand’s mascot uniquely and contributed to Pepsi’s brand recognition.
– The game demonstrated the power of video game marketing and was utilized in marketing campaigns and events.

**Cultural Impact:**
– Pepsiman gained popularity through internet memes and was featured in speedrunning events like SGDQ.
– The game inspired merchandise, fan creations, and has references in other video games and media.

**PepsiCo and Related Entities:**
– Includes notable executives and figures from PepsiCo, legal cases involving PepsiCo, notable brands under PepsiCo like KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and partnerships related to Pepsiman.

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