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Thomas Henry (apothecary)

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– Background:
– Henry born in Wrexham, Wales
– Trained as a surgeon-apothecary in Wrexham
– Later moved to Manchester, England

– Career:
– Invented process for preparing magnesia alba in 1771
– Known as Magnesia Henry
– Founder and president of Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society
– Speculated about Priestley’s discovery of oxygen in 1776
– Manufactured artificial Pyrmont and Seltzer waters in late 1770s

– References:
– Jenkins, Robert Thomas. Henry, Thomas (1734-1816)
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– American Philosophical Society (APS) Membership:
– Dr F. C. Toy
– C. E. Young
– Prof. Henry Solomon Lipson (I)
– Leonard Cohen
– Margaret Pilkington

– 21st Century APS Members:
– Iain E. Gillespie
– Angus G. D. Yeaman
– Keith D. Buckley
– Vivienne Blackburn
– Mary, Lady Mallick

Thomas Henry FRS (26 October 1734 – 18 June 1816) was a surgeon and apothecary. He was a Fellow of the Royal Society of London, and also the father of William Henry, the chemist who formulated Henry's Law.

Thomas Henry

Born26 October 1734
Died18 June 1816
ChildrenWilliam Henry
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