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The Lost Island of Alanna – Wikipedia

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**Campaign Strategy and Implementation:**
– Underground campaign for Cherry Coke targeting teens and young adults.
– Shift in brand perception to be more youth-oriented.
– Marketing success with Alanna and appeal to the wired generation.
– Raintree Media’s campaign implementation.
– Consumer engagement through social dialogue and product placement in a CD-ROM game.
– Distribution of clues through various channels and utilization of viral activities and hidden symbols.

**Gameplay and Plot Details:**
– CD-ROM game ‘The Lost Island of Alanna’ as a first-person interactive island journey.
– Puzzle-solving gameplay with a single ending revealing mysteries of Alanna.
– Inclusion of fortune cookie engagement at the end.
– Shipwreck discovery off Syria’s coast leading to the ancient civilization of Alanna.
– Standlake University’s archaeological journey and quest to unlock riddles of stone tablets to discover Alanna’s secrets.

**Enigmatic Plot Elements:**
– Alannian civilization’s belief in magic tribal bowls and endgame mechanics with hidden clues.
– Unique spin on collect-the-bottle promotions and fortune cookie mechanism for future predictions.
– Social extension beyond the standard promotion period for enhanced engagement.

**Publication and Recognition:**
– Featured in The Atlanta Journal, Atlanta Constitution, and ComputerEdge Magazine.
– John Dorschner’s article on April 6, 2000, in ComputerEdge Magazine.
– Recognition as the Best Free Game of the Year with positive reviews from various sources.
– Notable mentions in The Atlanta Journal and Atlanta Constitution.

**Historical Context and Impact:**
– Release date, initial reception, and evolution of the game.
– Influence on future games and legacy in the gaming industry.
– Impact on the gaming community, popularity, and player feedback.

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