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Sugar Association

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– **History**
– Founded in 1943 as the Sugar Research Foundation by members of the U.S. sugar industry.
– Renamed the Sugar Association in 1947.
– Initially focused on public education and scientific research.
– In 1968, the Sugar Research Foundation became the World Sugar Research Organisation, Ltd. (WSRO).
– Both the Sugar Association and WSRO are active today.

– **Leadership**
– Chair: Peter O’Malley, Vice President of Corporate Relations at American Sugar Refining, Inc.
– Vice Chair: John McCreedy, Executive Vice President at The Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC.
– President: Courtney Gaine, president of the Sugar Association.
– Members include sugar companies and other industry firms like American Sugar Cane League and ASR Group.
– Also includes Imperial Sugar and The Western Sugar Cooperative.

– **Research**
– Funds research on sugar and nutrition topics.
– Research includes studies on reducing vegetable bitterness with sugar or salt.
– Studies on sources of added sugars in different age groups.
– Research on toddler feeding, oral health, and sensory aspects of taste.
– Research published in journals like Appetite and Nutrition Today.

– **Criticism**
– Gained attention for commissioning nutrition research in the 1960s.
– Paid Harvard scientists to minimize the link between sugar and heart health.
– Research helped shape nutrition guidance away from sugar’s risks.
– Industry efforts to derail discussions about sugar’s health impacts.
– Reports of conflicts of interest in research funded by sugar corporations.

– **References**
– Information sources include The Sugar Association website and Facebook page.
– References to studies published in journals like JAMA Internal Medicine and PLOS Medicine.
– Historical analysis of sugar industry’s role in coronary heart disease research.
– Reports on conflicts of interest in sugar-sweetened beverages studies.
– External links to Sugar Association’s official website and related resources.

Sugar Association (Wikipedia)

The Sugar Association is a trade association for the sugar industry of the United States. Its members include nearly 142,000 growers, processors and refiners of sugar beet and sugarcane plants.

The Sugar Association
Company typeTrade Association
IndustrySugar Industry
PredecessorSugar Research Foundation
Founded1943 (1943)
United States
Key people
Peter O'Malley, Chair
John McCreedy, Vice-Chair
Courtney Gaine, President
ServicesResearch on behalf of sugar producers
Create educational resources
Public education
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