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Smilax ornata – Wikipedia

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– Basis for soft drink called sarsaparilla
– Primary ingredient in old-fashioned licorice
– Used in conjunction with sassafras
– Historical availability prior to health risk studies
– Versatile applications in food and beverages

Traditional medicine:
– Native American medicinal properties
– European syphilis treatment
– Registered in U.S. Pharmacopoeia
– Historical significance in herbal medicine
– Cultural importance in traditional remedies

Historical uses:
– Medicinal properties recognized by Native Americans
– European introduction for syphilis treatment
– U.S. Pharmacopoeia registration
– Herbal remedy heritage
– Long-standing cultural significance

Pharmacological research:
– Studies on medicinal properties
– Potential health benefits
– Chemical composition analysis
– Pharmacological applications
– Modern research on traditional uses

Cultural significance:
– Native American medicinal traditions
– European historical medicinal practices
– Herbal remedy heritage
– Traditional medicine in different cultures
– Cultural importance of herbal remedies

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