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Plantation Reserve

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– Background:
Plantation Reserve developed with Barbados government for sugar industry sustainability
– Company pays double for unique production process and farmer margins
– Efforts to support Barbados sugar industry due to EU subsidized price decline
Sugar crucial for Barbados tourism and soil protection
– Supports Barbados sugar heritage at Morgan Lewis sugar mill

– Markets:
Plantation Reserve sold in English-speaking Caribbean and UK
– Available at Home Bargains and B&M as of February 2020

– Response:
– Used at Ritz Hotel, London and Sandy Lane Hotel, Barbados
– Utilized by chefs to enhance dishes like crème brûlée and sauces
– Described as having buttery caramel taste and intense flavor
– Used in porridge and to enhance tea and coffee flavors

– Usage:
– Enhances dishes like crème brûlée, dressings, sauces, and desserts
– Described as having a unique, intense flavor and aroma
– Used on porridge and to enhance tea and coffee taste

– Recognition:
– Featured at The Cliff restaurant and Royal enclosure at Ascot races
– Chefs use Plantation Reserve for its natural flavor
– Described as having a more intense, deep flavor than other sugars

Plantation Reserve (Wikipedia)

Plantation Reserve Sugar is a product of the West Indies Sugar & Trading Company of Barbados and is a coarser, lighter raw cane sugar with a distinctive natural taste. The product itself is only made using sugarcane selected and harvested when sucrose content is at its peak. This occurs during a 2-week period of the 5 month harvest season and provides exceptionally pure juice for the mills. This juice purity allows the production of naturally larger crystals through a unique process that takes almost three times longer than that used for normal sugar.

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