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List of sugar manufacturers in Tanzania

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Sugar Manufacturers in Tanzania:
– Tanganyika Planting Company Limited produced 39.57% of sugar.
– Kagera Sugar Limited produced 34.38% of sugar.
– Mtibwa Sugar Estates Limited produced 17.05% of sugar.
– Total sugar production in Tanzania was 294,419 metric tonnes annually.
– Totals may vary slightly due to rounding.

Sugar Production vs. Consumption:
– In 2017, production was 320,000 metric tonnes vs. consumption of 420,000 metric tonnes.
– By 2019, production was 300,000 metric tonnes vs. consumption of 670,000 metric tonnes.
– In 2020, consumption was 470,000 tonnes vs. production of 378,000 tonnes.
– In 2021, output was 462,900 metric tonnes vs. demand of 635,000 metric tonnes.
– As of 2023, demand was 721,000 metric tonnes vs. production of 380,000 metric tonnes.

Sugar Import and Export:
– Tanzania imported 240,000 tonnes of industrial sugar and 101,000 tonnes of brown table sugar in 2023.
– All industrial sugar was imported from outside Tanzania.
– The deficit in sugar was filled by imports from Uganda, India, Brazil, and Thailand.
– The imported sugar was used for industrial purposes.
– Domestic sugar demand was partially met by imports.

Sugar Market Deficit:
– Tanzania faced an annual sugar deficit of 92,000 tonnes in 2020.
– The deficit increased to 172,100 tonnes in 2021.
– By 2023, the deficit reached 341,000 tonnes annually.
– Industrial sugar faced a deficit of 240,000 tonnes annually.
– Brown table sugar had a deficit of 101,000 tonnes annually.

– References:
– Tanzanian MPs petitioned the president over sugar ban in 2016.
– Reports on sugar supply and demand in Tanzania are available from
– The Prime Minister called for an end to sugar smuggling in 2018.
– Various news sources reported on investments in the sugar industry.
– The Sugar Board of Tanzania provided production data.

This is a list of sugar manufacturers in Tanzania

  • Tanganyika Planting Company Limited
  • Kilombero Sugar Company Limited
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