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Crop Over

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– History:
– Crop-over tradition began in 1687 to mark end of yearly harvest
– Celebrated in St. Vincent, Trinidad, and Jamaica
– Planters organized celebrations with food and liquor for enslaved labor force
– Slaves also had unsanctioned fetes with ancestral cultural elements
– Crop Over Festival officially launched in 1970 to attract tourists and revive local culture

– Customs and tradition:
– Two-month party atmosphere with public and private events
– Calypso competition featuring social commentaries and soca music
– Craft markets, food stalls, street parties, and cavalcades
– Competitions for Calypso Monarch, Peoples Monarch, and Party Monarch
– Culmination in Kadooment Day with costume bands, music, and fireworks

– See also:
– List of plantations in Barbados
– List of harvest festivals

– Notes:
– 2020 Crop Over and NIFCA cancelled due to pandemic
– References from Barbados GIS and Hilary Beckles

– Further notes:
– Crop Over Festival is Barbados’ annual carnival celebration
– Article by Baz Dreisinger on

Crop Over (Wikipedia)

Crop Over is a traditional harvest festival which began in Barbados, having had its early beginnings on the sugar cane plantations during slavery.

Crop Over
Observed byBarbados
SignificanceEnd of annual harvest
CelebrationsProcessions, music, dancing, and the use of masquerade
DateJune to first Monday in August
Dates below are for Kadooment
2023 dateAugust 7  (2023-08-07)
2024 dateAugust 5  (2024-08-05)
2025 dateAugust 4  (2025-08-04)
2026 dateAugust 3  (2026-08-03)
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