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Caledonian Road, London

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– **Characteristics of Caledonian Road, London**:
– Mostly residential from Camden Road to Caledonian Road Underground station.
– Residential developments, including student accommodation, around the station.
– Presence of Pentonville Prison south of the station.
– Shops, cafes, and Ethiopian restaurants south of the prison.
– Trendy shops and restaurants near Kings Cross Central developments.

– **Historical Aspects of Caledonian Road**:
– Constructed in 1826 by the Battle Bridge and Holloway Road Company.
– Originally named Chalk Road, renamed after the Royal Caledonian Asylum in 1828.
– Thornhill Terrace, the first residential buildings in 1832.
– Pentonville Prison built in 1842.
– Irish community settlement in the mid-20th century.

– **Notable Buildings on Caledonian Road**:
– Listed buildings like an Italianate Methodist Chapel and the Caledonian Estate.
– Pentonville Prison and the Flying Scotsman public house.
– Grade II listed Caledonian Road Underground station.
– University College London’s New Hall building.
– Close proximity to Islington Council social housing estates.

– **Safety Concerns on Caledonian Road**:
– Incidents like the stabbing of Nedim Bilgin in January 2019 and the shooting of Imani Allaway-Muir in July 2020.
– Raised safety concerns in the area.
– Safety initiatives focused on the Cally bridge.
– Various incidents, including fatal attacks, in the vicinity.

– **References and Documentation of Caledonian Road**:
– Various sources providing historical and contemporary information.
– Featured in documentaries and publications.
– Notable landmarks and events documented.
– Rich history and ongoing developments in the area.
– Significance reflected in literature and media.

Caledonian Road passes for about a mile and a half north–south through the London Borough of Islington. It connects North London, from Camden Road near its junction with Holloway Road, and central London's Pentonville Road in the south. It is known colloquially as the "Cally" and forms the entirety of the A5203.

A5203 shield
King's Cross, Caledonian Road, N1 - - 608168.jpg
The Caledonian Road at the junction with Northdown Road
Route information
Length2.6 mi (4.2 km)
Major junctions
South endKings Cross
Major intersections
North endHolloway
CountryUnited Kingdom
King's Cross
Road network
A5202 A5204
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