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2021 Frito-Lay strike

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– Background:
Frito-Lay has a contract with Local 218 BCTGM union in Topeka, Kansas.
– The warehouse employs 700-800 workers, with 600 union members.
– Contract negotiations occur every two years.
– Recent negotiations failed, leading to a work stoppage.
– Union rejected a contract recommended by its leadership.

– Strike:
– Started on July 5, 2021, with 600 BCTGM members striking.
– Represented 80% of the Topeka plant’s workforce.
– First strike by Local 218 BCTGM since 1973.
– Reasons: 12-hour days, 7 days a week, stagnant wages.
– Strike ended on July 23 with a new contract guaranteeing one day off.

– Reactions:
Frito-Lay denied wrongdoing and blamed union leadership.
– Kansas City DSA supported the strike.
– Teamsters and IWW members picketed and assisted financially.
– Heartland IWW chapter provided solidarity and fundraising.
Frito-Lay stated no further negotiations with the union.

– Impact:
– Strike led to chip shortages in Kansas City metro area.
– Grocery and convenience stores faced shortages within 5 days.
– The strike affected the nation’s chip supply.
Frito-Lay looked to hire new employees during the strike.
– Solidarity and support were shown by various organizations.

– References:
– Multiple news sources covered the strike and its resolution.
– Social media posts and news articles documented the strike events.
– The strike’s impact on the chip supply was widely reported.
– Various organizations and unions expressed support for the striking workers.
– The strike highlighted issues of long work hours and stagnant wages.

2021 Frito-Lay strike
DateJuly 5–23, 2021
Topeka, Kansas, United States
Caused by
  • Long hours
  • Mandatory overtime
  • Lack of pay raise
MethodsDemonstrations, internet activism, walkout
Lead figures
  • Anthony Shelton
  • David Woods
  • Brent Hall

The 2021 Frito-Lay strike was a labor strike by employees at the Topeka, Kansas Frito-Lay plant against the company's mandatory overtime policy. The strike began on July 5, 2021 and ended on July 23, 2021.

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