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Why Does Lacroix Taste So Bad? [Sugar & Fasting Info]

Why Does Lacroix Taste So Bad

I’ve tasted a lot of sodas in my time and gave LaCroix a recent taste test.

Overall, it wasn’t spectacular and I thought I would have tasted better, and I wondered why it tastes so bad.

Overall I feel the bad taste is done to La Croix having a very weak flavor profile.

Therefore, it is more similar to drinking soda water or Carbonated water than normal soda.

Fruit flavors only taste good when they have a strong flavor, whereas, La Croix has a very weak flavor and is quite bitter. 

Why does la Croix taste so bad?

The main issue with La Croix is that it has enough flavor that you recognize it, but it’s not strong enough to be delicious.

Based on the opinions of people online you either love it or hate it, and I personally would prefer to drink herbal tea than drink La Croix.

La Croix is not sweet at all, and is very different to say a Fanta, or Lift.

Both are very sweet and full of flavor sugary drinks.

In this article, I will cover whether there is anything unhealthy about La Croix if you can drink too much La Croix.

Is Lacroix bad for you?

Is There Anything Unhealthy About La Croix

La Croix is flavored sparkling water that some people absolutely love and appears to be really healthy.

But, I wondered how healthy it is, so I looked into whether there’s anything unhealthy about La Croix Sparkling Water...

So, is la Croix bad for you?

On the whole, there is not anything unhealthy about La Croix. La Croix has only two ingredients: water and natural flavoring. There are no artificial ingredients or toxic chemicals in this type of fizzy drink.

The natural flavoring is very weak and you can hardly taste it.

For that reason, you can drink La Croix as you would water.

It used to be thought that coffee, tea, juice, and sodas don’t count towards your total water consumption for the day.

And as you may know, an adult should aim to drink around 8 glasses of water a day.

Recent scientific findings, however, found that you can count sodas such as La Croix as part of the 8 glasses of water (source: link).

Therefore, you could drink only La Croix all day instead of regular water and still be perfectly healthy.

Is Drinking Too Much LaCroix Bad for You?

Is Drinking Too Much LaCroix Bad for You

Being careful what you eat and drink is important, and I was interested to know whether you can drink too much La Croix.

Here’s what I found…

In general, drinking too much La Croix isn’t bad for you. La Croix can be treated as identical to water because the other ingredients are only in trace amounts.

It is possible to drink too much regular water which can lead to a sodium deficiency – called Hyponatremia, which has a range of symptoms.

As long as you don’t drink considerably more than the average recommended amount of plain water or Tap water an adult should consume in a day which is 8 glasses, you’ll be fine.

And if you lift weights or do physical activity like yoga, or rock climbing then you will usually feel a bit thirstier and will need to drink more.

This is perfectly natural and healthy, when you exert your body a lot your sweat out the liquid and dehydrate your body more than if you don’t do much physical activity.

According to the doctors at Mayo Clinic, the symptoms of sodium deficiency caused by drinking too much Tap water are:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Confusion
  • Headache
  • Seizures
  • Muscle weakness, spasms, or cramps
  • Coma
  • Loss of energy, drowsiness, and fatigue

If you develop any of the symptoms it could be caused by drinking too much La Croix.

And if you’re concerned about drinking too much you can track how much you drink in a given day.

1 can is 12 fl. oz. (350 mL) and doing some rough math – you can drink a maximum of around 6 cans of La Croix. Which is the same as 8 glasses of water.

Other than that, none of the ingredients in La Croix can cause any negative effects when you drink a lot of it.

As it’s made of all-natural ingredients.

Does La Croix Raise Blood Sugar?

Does La Croix Raise Blood Sugar

As a diabetic, it’s very important to know what types of foods can give you a boost in blood sugar.

So, then does La Croix raise blood sugar?

On the whole, Like other cold drinks and sugary sodas La Croix does not raise blood sugar.

Fruit and fruit juice are known to cause a quick boost in blood sugar.

And although La Croix does contain fruit juice and fruit extracts it is in such a low amount that it has only a tiny effect on your blood sugar levels.

Doctors at Healthline say that a piece of fruit or a glass of fruit juice is a fast way to raise your blood sugar.

But, La Croix contains the natural flavor of 5% fruit juice, and fruit extracts.

Therefore, you would need to drink 20 cans of La Croix to have the same effect as eating a piece of fruit or drinking a glass of juice.

And as a result, on the whole, drinking one can of La Croix doesn’t raise your blood sugar.

Does LaCroix Break a Fast?

Does LaCroix Break a Fast

If you’re doing a fast one of the requirements might be that you can drink water, but you can’t drink juice or soda.

So, does la Croix break fast?

As a general rule, La Croix does break a water fast but not a food fast.

There is a range of different fast types one can do.

Some don’t allow you to eat food, but you can drink water.

Others involve only eating one type of food. So, it does depend on what kind of fast it is.

In some countries around the world, people fast for a fixed amount of time, and can’t eat or drink from sunrise to sunset.

When observing a fast like this drinking La Croix would break your fast.

La Croix can be treated exactly like water.

because it only has a very small amount of fruit juice or fruit extract in it. 

So unless there is some other exemption where you can drink water, drinking La Croix will break your fast.

If you are designing your own intermittent fast for health reasons then La Croix would break a fast.

However, water passes through your body extremely quickly unlike food.

Some doctors estimate that it leaves your stomach within 5 minutes.

If you’re planning your own fast, it’s important to get the advice of your family doctor before doing it.

Does La Croix make you gain weight?

Does La Croix make you gain weight

La Croix is quite healthy and doesn’t contain any artificial flavors or colors.

However, will drinking La Croix make you gain weight?

There are no calories in La Croix and it will not make you gain weight.

La Croix is neutral and overall doesn’t give you any nutrients.

For that reason, La Croix can be thought of as being exactly the same as water in regard to its effect on the body.

Therefore, you can drink as much La Croix as you like and you won’t put on weight.

The main nutrient to look out for in sodas for weight gain is the sugar content.

Popular sodas like Coca-Cola classic also make a zero-sugar version, which tastes just as sweet as Coke classic.

And it also has zero calories.

Some people don’t like the taste of La Croix and prefer a standard soda like Dr. Pepper or Pepsi.

If you’re trying to lose weight then going with the zero-sugar version of these drinks is a good option to limit your calorie intake.

how to make la Croix taste better?

How do you make LaCroix taste better

If you brought some La Croix but weren’t too impressed with the taste, you may be wondering what you should add to make it taste better.

Here’s one of the best ways to make it taste better…

Overall, the best thing to do is mix it half and half with sweet fruit juice.

The fruit juice(grapefruit flavor) will dilute the La Croix enough that it will be tolerable.

You can also squeeze half a lemon and add some sugar to make delicious lemonade with a dazzling taste.

The flavor of La Croix is so weak that you can treat it like soda water or seltzer water.

And generally adding anything to sweeten it, and other common flavors will taste good.

You could also experiment with making a coffee soda.

A coffee soda is a soda that isn’t well known but is quite delicious.

It’s a mix of coffee and soda.

You can brew the coffee at home, and then add soda to it.

The citrus flavor of La Croix will go well in a coffee soda, however, it usually won’t be sweet enough.

And for that, you can sweeten it with some syrup.

I recently wrote an article all about cold brew coffee and another unique coffee nitro coffee.

Find it [here, link: what is coffee soda?].

Which La Croix flavor is the sweetest?

Which La Croix flavor is sweetest

Most of the La Croix flavors are fruity, and I was wondering what favorite flavor was the sweetest.

Here’s what I found.

On average, mango is one of the sweetest La Croix flavors.

The sweetest flavors or natural flavors are fruit-flavored but not citrus fruits.

For example, strawberry, subtle cherry flavor, orange juice, and peach pear.

Most people say that the best La Croix flavor overall is key lime and faux cherry flavors.

However, other consistent favorites are coconut, tangerine, Pamplemousse (grapefruit), passionfruit, and berry.