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What Is yoghurt Soda? [Ayran, Doogh, Dhalle & Tan Flavors]

what is yogurt soda

On a hot summer’s day, there is nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold soda. So what is yogurt soda?

There are many sodas worldwide, most of the brands you know and some of which you are no doubt unaware of, or even unsure of, and one of these may just be Yogurt soda.

Yogurt soda is a cold savory drink found commonly as a national drink throughout Asia and Middle East or eastern Europe.

It is made by mixing your yogurt with water, usually chilled or iced, and enjoyed ice cold.

Suppose maybe, you want something a little different.

In that case, you can add carbonated water or fruit and vegetable additions such as cucumber to change the flavors.  

So, to learn more about this refreshing beverage and maybe even try it, keep on reading.

Where Does Yogurt Soda Come from?

Where Does Yoghurt Soda Come from

Yogurt soda originates from Iran, long been consumed by people in ancient Persia.

There are a few names, depending on where you go, but they all refer to the same beverage.

These names are:

  • Ayran
  • Doogh
  • Dhalle drink
  • Tan

The common name, Doogh, comes from the Persian word Dooshidan which means milking.

A good name for a milk-based drink.

There also have been many similar drinks that have evolved in surrounding countries.

However, tend to differ from Yogurt soda or savory yogurt drinks in a few ways.

Now, this drink may be unfamiliar to you, and you might be wondering what on earth it tastes like.

It is a very unique drink, after all.

What Does Yogurt Soda Taste Like?

What Does Yoghurt Soda Taste Like

If you have never tried Yogurt soda before, we can tell you it has a unique flavor (sour taste) profile.

Its flavor is made up of a reasonably strong carbonated drink, a hit of acid, and the fermentation of the yogurt.

As a result, it is very, very strong, and the yogurt is more tart than usual.

The flavor profile of a fizzy yogurt drink has two very distinct layers to it when you first try it.

You have the water on as the top layer and the fermented yogurt at the bottom, as it sinks as it separates.

The carbonated yogurt amazingly tastes a bit like buttermilk which has been carbonated.

The water tastes similar to a digestive biscuit drink that you can buy.

Yogurt soda is definitely a drink that is an acquired taste.

Like Marmite in the UK, some will love it, and some won’t. But if you get the chance to try it, then you should.

If you have tried it and found it wasn’t quite to your taste, you might like to know some of the ways you can use this beverage.

What does ayran taste like?

Ayran is a popular yogurt-based drink in Middle Eastern and Central Asian cuisines. It has a tangy, slightly salty taste and a creamy, thin consistency. It is often served chilled as a refreshing beverage, and sometimes used as a condiment to accompany spicy dishes. The flavor of ayran is often described as similar to buttermilk.

What Is Soda Yogurt Used for?

What Is Yoghurt Soda Used for

The primary use for  yogurt soft drink is as a refreshing beverage or drink of yogurt on a hot summer’s day.

Although it has some other uses, people consume this fizzy yogurt drink or beverage to gain some of the health benefits, it is reported to have.

Some people may also use it as a cure for Insomnia, as it has the properties to induce sleepiness.

As dairy products, including yogurt, makes you drowsy is a chemical called Tryptophan.

The amino acid is converted by the body into serotonin, a hormone that makes you feel sleepy.

Serotonin is used as a treatment for Insomnia, in people who struggle to fall asleep at night.

Serotonin breaks down into Melatonin which is the hormone produced by the body naturally at night time. 

But its use seems to be as another alternative to drinking water in the summer.

To increase hydration with the added benefit of vitamins and minerals found within yogurt.

As a drink, it is advantageous to the people who consume it daily.

Is Yogurt Soda Good for You?

Is Yoghurt Soda Good for You

If you are accustomed to drinking Yogurt soda (delicious drink) regularly, you may be aware of the health benefits it can provide.

However, if you have never tried Yougurt soda or it is entirely new for you, let us show you how amazing this beverage with amazing taste can be.

Yogurt contains high-quality proteins, Calcium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, and potassium. All are incredibly important for a healthy body and a healthy gut.


Yogurt is also a good source of healthy bacteria for your gut as well.

These probiotics can be beneficial for many gut complaints such as:

These probiotics can help regulate the gas your body produces by introducing healthy bacteria into your system.

Other health benefits include helping boost the immune system, assisting in weight control, and even helping battle cancer.

Regular consumption may also assist in how much minerals and vitamins your body absorbs from your food.


Yogurt is a good source of Calcium.

Calcium is essential for bones and teeth, as they assist in the maintenance and growth.

As well as bones, Calcium is also essential for reducing blood clots, maintaining blood pressure, and helping wounds to heal correctly.

Lactose Intolerance

As mentioned before, the consumption of yogurt is vital if you suffer from this condition.

Yogurt has a low amount of lactose present, which is more tolerable than milk for those who suffer.

A common complaint among those who are lactose intolerant is the lack of Calcium in their diet.

This fact makes yogurt a significant part of the diet.

People often report little to no symptoms, bloating or gas, after consuming yogurt.

A wealth of health can be found in this beverage, so it is definitely worth trying.

It may also help you at night if you are struggling to sleep.

Does Yogurt Soda Make You Drowsy?

Does Yoghurt Soda Make You Drowsy

A study conducted in January 2018 looked at the effects of yogurt soda on young adults’ attention span, reaction time, and the vigilance-sleepiness of those involved.

During the study, the participants had to meet specific criteria to be included.

These being:

  • They were between the ages of 20 and 40
  • They had a good amount of sleep/rest
  • They had no symptoms of daytime sleepiness

The selected volunteers would be given 250 ccs of yogurt soda or water in the morning or the afternoon.

There were four random interventions for each volunteer throughout the day, lasting 3 to 5 days.

The volunteers were then tested to gauge their attention levels and sleepiness levels before drinking a yogurt soda and then a few hours afterward.

The results were then analyzed by the team, and the data was collated.

The researchers found that drinking yogurt soda increases reaction time and commission error and reduced the participants’ vigilance.

These changes were more remarkable in the afternoons than the mornings, despite them lasting longer during the day.

In comparison, no change in the volunteers that drank the water rather than the yogurt soda, or Eastern beverage.

The study concluded that drinking yogurt soda in the afternoons does cause sleepiness and an increase in reaction time and commission and omission errors.

So, if you struggle to sleep, or just need a relaxing evening where you slip peacefully into a restful sleep, then it might be good to try.   

In Conclusion

There are many types of food and drink around the world; some may be strange and odd.

But they are all delicious, to some people, and are definitely worth trying.

If you ever get the opportunity to try yogurt soda, whether in your home country or abroad, then you should.

It’s a highly beneficial drink and extremely popular in certain parts of the world.

In fact, some countries love this drink so much that they made it their national beverage.

So, if you want to try something completely different this summer or want to experience another culture’s drinks, try it.

You may find it even more delicious flavor profile than it sounds.