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What is Coco Rico Soda? [Caffeine & Nutritional Facts]

What is Coco Rico Soda

When we think of soft drinks, most of the time big names like Coca-Cola and Pepsi come to mind.

However, this is a very diverse industry, with dozens of smaller companies working to make a name for themselves with their craft and specialty sodas.

One of the best examples of this is Coco Rico drink.

It is a well known soda originated from Coco Rico. The unique blend of coconut and soft drink has made this drink one of a kind.

This has become a popular puerto rican soda.

Let’s take a closer look at this soda and some of the things that make it so unique.

What Does Coco Rico Soda Taste Like?

What Does Coco Rico Soda Taste Like

One of the best places to start is by delving into the flavors of the drink.

The drink has the creamy texture of coconut. While the coconut taste is strong, it never becomes overpowering.

It is carbonated, which allows it to have the same fizz that can be expected from other soft drinks.

Because of this, it can be compared to a fizzy version of coconut water with Sodium Benzoate.

However, one of the most interesting elements of this soft drink (Coco Rico Coconut Soda) isn’t the flavor.

Instead, it’s the color. When poured into a glass, this Coco Rico Coconut Soda or soft drink will come out in clear color, resembling sparkling water.

Who Makes Cocorico drink?

Who Makes Coco Rico

This soft drink (Actual product) is manufactured by a family-owned company called Coco Rico Inc.

They have been making the drink since 1935.

It was one of the first products that the company made.

Since it first came to the market, the drink (Coco Rico Soda) has started to gain in popularity.

Today, it has amassed a large fan base both in the United States and abroad.

Many of the products will be created and bottled in the United States.

This is done by the Good-O Beverage company, which is located in the Bronx.

This is one of the oldest manufacturers of Hispanic soft drinks in the world.

They sell primarily in the United States.

Coco Rico Nutrition Facts

Coco Rico Nutrition Facts

Coco Rico has become known as one of the healthiest soft drinks on the market.

This can be seen by looking at some of the nutritional information.

Let’s start by looking at the number of calories. This is the energy used by the body.

If it is high in carbohydrates the body will store the excess energy as fat.

The good news is that Coco Rico doesn’t have a lot of calories.

They have 155 per can.  There isn’t any fat. There also isn’t cholesterol in Coco Rico Soda.

There will be 47 milligrams of Sodium.

There are 32 grams of sugar and 36 grams of carbohydrates.

If you are more health-conscious, you might want to use the diet version. This won’t have any calories.

It also doesn’t have any fat or sugar.

It only has 13 milligrams of sodium. 

However, it does contain an artificial sweetener known as Aspartame.

In low doses, this shouldn’t be a problem.

But if you consume enough of it, you could begin to develop headaches.

Like many other soft drinks on the market, it does have a few chemical preservatives.

These are designed to extend the shelf life of the product.

While it might be healthier than other soft drink problems, that doesn’t mean that Coco Rico with its strong coconut flavor should be a core part of your diet.

The regular product has 32 grams of sugar, which can be enough to start to do some damage to your teeth, causing cavities.

Plus, it lacks nutritional value.

Does Coco Rico Soda Have Caffeine?

Does Coco Rico Soda Have Caffeine

Another element that people need to pay attention to is whether or not their coconut soft drinks contain caffeine.

This has been known to raise blood pressure.

For some people, it can also make it harder to get to sleep.

Because of this, you’ll be happy to learn that Coco Rico soda doesn’t have any caffeine.

However, like coconut water, this soft drink might act as a natural laxative.

Having one can shouldn’t cause too much trouble.

But if you are having three or more, you will likely begin to feel its effects.

Where is Coco Rico Sold?

Where is Coco Rico Sold

Coco Rico is most popular in Puerto Rico and other Central American countries.

However, it has also been able to build a fanbase in the United States. Interestingly, many people in the Vietnamese community will buy these drinks.

As we’ll discuss in more detail later, this is because of the way that they can be used in this cooking style.

Sometimes, you will be able to find it in a local Walmart store.

However, it’s possible that you might need to head into a local specialty store.

Because this can be a niche product, you might be having problems finding some in your local area.

If this is the case, your best bet is usually to buy some online.

You should be able to go through Amazon.

Formats of Coco Rico

Formats of Coco Rico

There are four varieties of Coco Rico. First, you can get the 12 ounces can.

There are two types of cans.  You can get one that uses the green color scheme.

This is the regular Coco Rico. Alternatively, you will be able to find one that uses white colors. 

This is the diet variety.

If you prefer to buy in larger quantities, you will be able to get a 2-liter bottle.

This is also available in regular and diet formats.

How to Use Coco Rico?

How to Use Coco Rico

Many people enjoy Coco Rico as a soft drink.

The coconut flavors can be a great way of relaxing on a summer day.

However, this isn’t the way that people are using this soft drink.

Many people enjoy mixing it with alcohol.

It’s most popular when used in combination with rum.

This can be a good way of getting a relaxing, tropical flavor.

You won’t need to use a lot of rum to get a delicious flavor.

Often, you will just need to use around two ounces.

Sometimes, they will be combined with a non-alcoholic beverage of caramel color.

A good choice might be to use something that offers tropical flavors.

For example, Jupina soda tastes like pineapples. This can be used to create a pina colada with Coconut Cream.

Interestingly, one of the most popular applications for Coco Rico is in Asian cooking or Veggie Smoothies.

More specifically, it has become an important part of Vietnamese cuisine.

There are a few ways that it can be used.

Commonly, it will be used as a way of getting a flavor of coconut or coconut flavor into a meal quickly just as coconut soda substitute. 

It (Coco Rico Coconut Flavored) might also be used as a substitute for coconut cream.

When applied to food, it will help to make the meat more tender, while infusing coconut flavors.

Because of this, there are plenty of dishes that can be made using Coco Rico.

Most commonly, it will be used on braised pork. It might also be used for a wide range of chicken dishes.

Even fish meals can use it, most commonly when making a sweet-and-sour sauce.

What is coco rico soda substitute?

If you have a recipe that requires Coco Rico but can’t find the drink, there is a coco rico substitute that you can use.

The best option is to mix Sprite with a small amount of coconut extract.

This will deliver the same fizz that Coco Rico can provide while giving you delicious coconut flavour.


Final Thoughts

Coco Rico is a coconut-flavored soda.  While this might seem like an unorthodox decision, it works.

Over time, the drink has gone on to gather legions of fans.

This is partly because of the taste, which makes it easy to visualize relaxing on a tropical island.

But it has also grown to be popular with those in the cooking community.

It’s a good mixer with alcohol like rum

It’s also very popular in Vietnamese cooking, tenderizing the meat while infusing it with a natural coconut flavor.

So, if you are curious about this novel soda, grab a bottle of Coco Rico and try it out for yourself.