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Pepsi Number Fever

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Pepsi Number Fever Promotion:
Pepsi Philippines introduced a promotion where numbers were printed inside bottle caps for prizes.
– Prizes ranged from 100 to 1 million pesos.
– Marketing specialist Pedro Vergara based the promotion on successful past campaigns.
– Monthly sales increased from $10 million to $14 million during the promotion.
– 51,000 prizes, including 17 grand prizes, were redeemed.

Incident and Fallout:
– ABS-CBN announced the wrong grand prize number, causing confusion.
– 800,000 bottle caps with the wrong number were printed, leading to chaos.
– PCPPI offered 500 pesos to holders of the wrongly printed caps.
– Protests, threats, and accusations were directed at Pepsi.
– Senate committee accused Pepsi of gross negligence.

Legal Actions and Repercussions:
– 22,000 people took legal action against PepsiCo.
– Fines were paid for violating promotion conditions.
– Plaintiffs were awarded moral damages in court.
– Supreme Court ruled PCPPI not liable for the incident.
– Numerous civil suits and criminal complaints were filed.

Impact on Pepsi and Legacy:
– PCPPI received the Ig Nobel Prize for bringing factions together.
– Sales initially dropped but recovered to 21% by 1994.
– Negative publicity, loss of consumer trust, and legal battles affected Pepsi’s brand image.
– Long-term financial repercussions were felt by Pepsi.
– Lessons learned for future marketing campaigns.

Media Coverage, Cultural Impact, and Company Background:
– The incident was covered by international news outlets with mixed reviews.
– The importance of responsible marketing and scrutiny on promotional strategies was highlighted.
– The incident influenced pop culture references like Pepsiman and advertising practices.
Pepsi’s company background, key executives, partnerships, and achievements were outlined.
– The incident shaped discussions on corporate responsibility and became a case study in business schools.

Pepsi Number Fever (Wikipedia)

Pepsi Number Fever, also known as the 349 incident, was a promotion held by PepsiCo in the Philippines in 1992, which led to riots and the deaths of at least five people.

Pepsi Number Fever
The logo for the sales promotion.
DateFebruary – May 25, 1992
Also known as349 incident
TypeSales promotion likely as part of the Cola Wars
OutcomeMarket share of Pepsi in the Philippines initially increased from 19.4% to 24.9%. Later riots and protests due to multiple Pepsi products "349" bottle caps, the winning number for the ₱1 million prize, distributed
Deathsat least 5

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