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Green Cola

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– Development of Green Cola
– Developed by Green Cola Hellas in Orestiada in 2011
– Sweetened with stevia
– Became flagship product of Green Cola Hellas
– Widely distributed in mainland Greece and Greek islands
– Production expanded to Germany in 2015 and Spain in 2017

– Growth and Expansion
– Green Cola grew in popularity
– Started being produced in Germany in 2015
– Production expanded to Spain in 2017
– Offered for sale in multiple international markets as of 2018

– Brand Recognition and Marketing
– Branded as having the taste of other colas without additives
– Positioned as a healthier alternative
– Marketing efforts aimed at shaking up the drinks industry
– Success story in Greece and gained popularity in Germany
– Marketing campaigns in various countries for brand recognition

– References
– Information available on Green Cola’s official website
– Media coverage on the stevia-sweetened Green Cola
– Articles discussing Green Cola’s success story in Germany
– Reports on Green Cola’s entry into the American market
– Various sources providing insights into Green Cola’s journey

– Categorization
– Belongs to the category of soft drinks
– Considered a Greek brand
– Recognized as a cola brand
– Listed in hidden categories on Wikipedia
– Various language scripts and sources used in references

Green Cola (Wikipedia)

Green Cola is a carbonated soft drink developed by Greek beverages company Green Cola Hellas in Orestiada. Released in 2012, the soda is now widely available in Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Greece, the United Kingdom, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, the Middle East, Slovenia, Poland and in other countries.

Green Cola
A bottle of Green Cola
ManufacturerGreen Cola Company
Country of origin Greece
Introduced2012; 12 years ago (2012)
IngredientsCarbonated Water, Colour (Caramel E150d), Acids (Tartaric Acid and Malic Acid), Sweeteners (Steviol Glycosides,Sucralose), Natural Flavouring, Natural Caffeine
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